Youth Art Collective Supports CREA

CREA Volunteer and Board Member Ron Strand was returning from monitoring the trails when he noticed something white taped to the door of the Ecology Center. It was a donation envelope that said, “My daughter and friends had an art show and wanted to donate 3% to CREA.” We had to learn more!

The back story is that three 12-year-old best friends – Darby, Nieve, and Maya – have used the pandemic to cultivate their artistic skills. They formed an art collective called Soul Design Trio and held two pop-up art shows this past fall. 

We learned that the natural world is paramount to these young women. All three have a strong connection to CREA – through summer camp, elementary school field trips to the Ecology Center, and visits to the Preserve with family and friends. They saw that the pandemic has been a challenge for many businesses and organizations in the community, so they put out a donation box for CREA and added three percent of the proceeds of their art show to it.

We were so honored to receive this donation and delighted to encounter three young women who are so connected with the natural world. This act of generosity reinforces our confidence that the youth of today will be committed custodians of the natural world in the years to come!

My favorite part about nature is when it’s just starting to turn to summer and all of the flowers are starting to bloom and the animals are starting to come out of hibernation. It’s so peaceful and the perfect getaway from all of your troubles.  

                                                                                                                         -Darby of Soulful Design Trio