Volunteer Spotlight: CREA’s Translation Team

We are ever so grateful to the three women who together comprise our translation team! Denise Deschaies, Margarita Fitch, and Sue Reed are translating our Storywalk books into Portuguese and French and broadening the reach of this community resource to New Mainers. 

This translation project was the brainchild of Sue Reed, a CREA Board member and retired educator. From her work, she knew that immigrant children learning English in school need to remain grounded in their native language in order to navigate more complex vocabulary as they advance through school. Translations of high quality children’s books helps with this language development.

Miraculously, Sue discovered fluent Portuguese and French speakers within her friend group. Marge came to the U.S. at age three when a volcano devastated her community in the Azores. Denise grew up speaking French and English in Lewiston. Marge and Denise read the books multiple times and use a mix of old-school and high-tech tools to produce the final copy, adapted to reflect regional vocabulary differences. 

Sue handles logistics – getting the books to Marge and Denise, then formatting and laminating the final product to make the translation easy to use. We are so grateful to have this talent in our midst. We give heartfelt thanks to Sue, Marge, and Denise for expanding Storywalk’s reach to even more people and for making our New Mainer neighbors welcome.