The Cathance River

This is the last place you’ll see the river on this tour, the perfect opportunity to learn what makes it special! The Cathance River is one of six rivers that flow into Merrymeeting Bay. Merrymeeting Bay is a rich natural resource and unique geographic feature. It is one of very few inland deltas in the world – a place where multiple rivers deposit large amounts of sediment that eventually widens into a large floodplain. This usually occurs where large rivers meet the ocean but there are very few places where it occurs inland.

Because Merrymeeting Bay is not far from the ocean, it is also a tidally-influenced freshwater bay – an inland waterbody whose water level changes with the tides! The Bay is a very fertile habitat that supports a variety of waterbirds, fish, insects, amphibians, and more.

In days past, the Cathance River was the location of one of the first sawmills in Maine. Its water was used to generate power and to move logs down the river.  

Before heading up the Beaver Loop trail, take some time to enjoy the sound of the river. This spot is well-loved by visitors as a place to rest with the sound of the river as a companion.