Visit Cathance River Nature Preserve


Preserve Closed Temporarily

The Cathance River Nature Preserve and Ecology Center remain CLOSED until further notice. See our Announcements banner and here for details and updates on the closure. Check our Announcements banner and this page for updates.

For a fuller understanding of CREA’s relationship to the Preserve, see CREA and the Preserve



When the temporary closure ends, the Cathance River Nature Preserve and trails will return to being  open to the public every day from dawn to dusk. Learn more about the history of the Preserve and CREA’s relationship to it here.

When the temporary closure ends, the CREA Ecology Center will return to being open to the public every Sunday from 12-2 PM. Our knowledgeable volunteers are available to guide you through the native Maine mammal and bird specimens that call our off-grid facility home, provide trail maps and suggested hikes on the Preserve, and answer questions.

In the winter months, snowshoes are available to loan during the Sunday open house hours to explore the Preserve trails. Youth and Adult sizes are available on a first come first serve basis.

The Preserve is on privately-owned land that is protected by a conservation easement. Please respect the landowner’s prohibition on pets, hunting, camping, fires, biking, and motorized vehicles at the Preserve.

Please “leave no trace” of your visit; stay on the marked trails; pick up any trash; pack out everything you pack in; return any logs or rocks to their original location. Please do not remove items from the preserve. Thank you and enjoy your visit!