The Charismatic Loon

On November 24, 2020, Lee Attix of Loon Conservation Associates shared his extensive knowledge of loons, illuminated by spectacular photos, audio of the full array of loon calls, and fascinating loon facts (e.g., airplanes pretty reliably trigger male alarm calls/yodels). You’ll learn about loon biology, behavior, and habits, and the status of loon populations in Maine.

Lee is spearheading a robust citizen science effort in support of Maine’s loon population, training volunteer ‘loon rangers’ and developing¬† collaborations with lake associations. Citizen volunteers are key to developing a sustainable monitoring program in support of maintaining a healthy loon population in Maine.

Lee’s live presentation has already inspired one person to sign on to become a ‘loon ranger’. Watch Lee’s presentation and you could be next!

Photo credit: Drew and Laurie Haines