Supporting the CREA Community

This letter was originally published in CREA’s Spring 2020 Newsletter.

To Our Members and Friends:

What an extraordinary time we are living through. So much has changed, yet day follows day. The temperature warms. Leaves begin to force through their buds on the trees. Daffodils have bloomed along south-facing walls. 

Perhaps this year as never before, people are taking notice of the natural world framed by windows and open doors. Perhaps children are asking more questions about what they are seeing, seeking to understand the biological environment of which we are all a part. CREA continues to shine a light on our relationship to nature – to understand both the rewards and the risks of this interconnectedness. 

While we plan for a return to our regular programs, we are finding new ways to connect you with, and help you learn about, the natural world around us. If you haven’t visited the News page of our website, that is where we’re sharing activities and information designed to help connect you, your family, and our community, with nature. We’re also sharing links to interesting events and resources on Instagram and Facebook.

And this remains certain – the importance of time in nature to our physical and mental well-being. We are happy that people are flocking to outdoor spaces in record numbers – for rejuvenation and to take reassurance in nature’s seasonal rhythms. Look to CREA to understand and appreciate more of what you are experiencing.

We will continue our work connecting people with nature, for the benefit of both, and look forward to being together with you again – in community – soon.

Stay safe and stay well.

In gratitude,