#11 Sequester with The Nature Conservancy and CREA!

We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, so today we’re passing along some nice work by our partners at The Nature Conservancy in the educational department

It’s a rainy day, so why not check out their ‘virtual field trips,’ comprised of videos and associated teacher guides? You can go underwater to learn about coral reefs or travel to Borneo to hear the sounds of the rainforest and meet animals that are quite different from what we have in Maine.

Or, you can jump into their lesson plans, broken down by K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grade levels. The teacher guides include information about the topic, experiments, and student assignments. Some units have nice outdoor components to the activities. Elementary students can learn about soil, gardens, water, habitat and pollinators, and more.

Middle schoolers learn about: using fire as a management tool; balancing the needs of humans, domesticated animals, and wildlife; sustainable forestry; how nature filters water…naturally, and more.

The topics get even more interesting for high schoolers: biomimicry (learning from and mimicking strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges ); stormwater management; coastline erosion protection, and more.

The Nature Conservancy has been doing impressive work to protect land and find smart solutions to human and environmental challenges for many years – and their educational resources showcase much of what they’ve learned. Check it out!