#9 Spring Scavenger Hunt! Sequester at Home with CREA

It’s a beautiful day, so why not celebrate with a scavenger hunt? What should you look for on this scavenger hunt – SIGNS OF SPRING! You can do your hunt on foot or by bike. If you’re driving, you can even look for signs of spring as you travel. Here are some things you can look for: 
  • Flowers (crocuses) – how many different colored flowers can you find?
  • Buds that are swelling (red maple buds)
  • Pussy willows (in the wet areas)
  • Plant shoots poking out of the ground (daffodils, skunk cabbage, grass, etc)
  • Early garden crops (spinach, garlic)
  • Bugs/insects
  • Birds (bluejays, robins, ducks, geese, chickadees, etc) – how many different birds can you see?
  • Mud (because the ground is thawing)
  • Ladybugs (you may find more IN your house than outside)

As you find signs of spring, look at them closely. Can you identify the flower? Does each flower have the same number of petals? What are those colorful parts in the center?

If you see swelling buds on branches, what do you think will happen to them? Will they turn into something? Why do trees make new leaves every spring anyway? Keep track of questions to research when you get back inside.

Check out Nature Moments videos,  produced by Bowdoin Professor of Biology Emeritus Nat Wheelwright. Each one explores a specific topic, like this one on how plants pack their leaves into such tiny buds.

How many different colors can you find as you walk outside in spring? If you look long enough and closely, you should be able to find all the colors in the rainbow, even in early spring. 

Make a list of what you find or capture them in photos. When you get home, make a drawing of what spring looks like in your neighborhood. Happy hunting!