#5 Mystery Science for K – 5! Sequester at Home with CREA

Engage your child with a daily dose of Mystery Science – an online science resource for teachers that is currently offered free to EVERYONE as students stay home from school. The site offers short videos, usually under 10 minutes in length, each of which explores a specific question using hands-on activities.

Everything is laid out for you – materials list, printout, video (which you pause in between different parts of the activity), supplemental reading post-activity, etc. It’s designed for teachers to do with their classes, but lots of homeschoolers do them at home. Lessons are categorized by age group to make it easy for you. And, these lessons are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards which were adopted by Maine for its public schools last year!

Our Educators are doing one Mystery Science activity every day as they sequester at home with their children. Their children love it because they’re being asked to solve a ‘mystery’ (presented in the form of a question). For example, Why do birds have beaks? Check out Mystery Science’s Plant and Animal Superpowers Unit for the answer!

Mystery Science also has short mini-lesson videos. Each one answers a question sent in by a student, featuring science rock star Mystery Doug. Our personal favorite, relevant to the time, How does hand sanitizer work?

Like CREA, Mystery Science’s goal is to cultivate children’s natural curiosity by helping them find the answers to the many questions they come up with (and which we adults often don’t have the answers to). We want our children to develop a habit of curiosity and exploration, and we want to give them the tools to figure things out on their own, or with a little help. Enjoy!