#10 The Amazing World of Webcams! Sequester at Home with CREA

Even as we hunker down at home on a rainy day, there is an incredible world accessible to those who have internet service – the Amazing World of Webcams. So. Many. Webcams.

Some here in Maine, such as Chewonki’s Lambcam, tracking pregnant ewes as they come and go in the barn while birds dine on good stuff in the barn hay.

The Sunflower Farm Creamery  in Cumberland, Maine, has live webcams on their barn and outdoor paddock. The barncam shows pregnant goats with the added bonus of chickens sometimes wandering around inside. 

The Cornell Ornithology Lab has a webcam in a Barred Owl nesting box. Now, there’s not always a lot of action. Incubating eggs involves what looks a lot like, mostly, sleeping on eggs. Taking a look at it before bedtime might be a good way to inspire sleep. There’s also a webcam on a Red-Tailed Hawk in an outdoor nest built on what appears to be a fire escape. And one on a Savannah Osprey, sitting on a beautiful nest lined with Spanish moss. 

You can see (and hear) what’s going on up north at the Ontario Feederwatch (it’s snowing there at present – March 29 – so not much action at the feeders in a snowstorm but a surprising amount of birdsong nonetheless)!

You can even go to South Africa and watch elephants at a popular watering hole in Tembe Elephant Park. Or the San Diego Zoo to watch penguins. So if it’s too cold to try out our rainy day outdoor activities, spend some time getting acquainted with animals and their habits via webcam.