High School Field Research

Mt. Ararat High School Honors Biology Student Research

Every fall, CREA supports Mt. Ararat High School biology teacher Glenn Evans’ students as they design and carry out research at the Preserve. CREA provides science mentors from the community, equipment, use of the Ecology Center, and general support to students.

CREA prints the final posters, and organizes and promotes the final event, at which students present their findings to the community at the Topsham Public Library.


“This experience was uniquely special because it was the first time that adults had provided the freedom for us young students to simply explore and learn on our own terms. It provided a space outside of the typical bounds of a normal high school class where I was able to nurture important skills like curiosity and inquisitiveness.” (Kristina Johnson, program alum)

“What stuck with me the most was the process and how much more engaging it was to have class in the woods than in the science department back at MTA. I recall the project giving me a sense of independence–getting to pack up and walk out to our site unaccompanied, having a routine and figuring out the water testing processes largely on our own once we had been trained on it once. That sense of independence and focus on experiential learning is what I have brought forward from CREA to my current role as an educator.” (Morgan Kinney, program alum)

Posters listed below are the students’ final presentations. The 2021-2022 posters were presented by  students on March 10, 2022 at the Topsham Public Library.














Dragonfly and Damselfly Independent Study Project

This YouTube movie was created by two Mt. Ararat students in the Fall of 2011 for a Dragonfly and Damselfly Independent Study Project:

Thank you to mentor, photographer, and naturalist David Reed. Click here to visit David’s Cathance Preserve Site.

5th Grade Insect Study

This insect data summarizes the Woodside Elementary 5th Grade Scientific Method Aquatic and Terrestrial Insect Study, done throughout the fall of 2011.


Remote Wildlife Camera

Some students set up a motion-sensing wildlife camera and took pictures to study the mammals who live in the Preserve.

Remote Wildlife Camera Videos:

Brunswick High School Independent Study on Vernal Pools

Click here to view

Videos on YouTube

Check out our YouTube channel to see more videos created by students.

Coffin Elementary Student Poems

Ms. Cameron’s third grade class from Coffin School came to CREA in Fall of 2009 and made poems and pictures of their visit that they read online.

Coffin Elementary Students Read Their Poems

Service Learning at CREA

CREA’s educational philosophy is firmly rooted in hands-on, inquiry and place based education models. We incorporate service learning in both our operations at the Preserve and as a key component in many of our programs.