Polar Adventure in Pursuit of Climate Science

On October 27, 2020, Dr. Paul Mayewski gave participants a taste of what climate science can look like – and it is extreme! He described his 2019 expedition to Everest as part of a multi-disciplinary team and the challenges created by cold, wind, oxygen-poor air, and (believe it or not) crowding!

Dr. Mayewski explained how recent increases in CO2 differ from past increases going back 850,000 years, and displayed models showing how weather patterns are changing as a result. The Arctic and interiors of continents are warming fastest, with grave implications for disruption of life as we know it.

He closed by talking about Maine’s climate will be affected, which will vary for northern and southern portions of the state.  

Dr. Mayewski finished on a positive note, with a call to action – noting the many things we can do to reduce carbon and methane emissions. He recommended the website whyclimatematters.com as a source for information about climate change and its impacts. It’s an excellent has links to the leading research on climate change.

Dr. Mayewski covered much more than what’s listed above, and you can watch his wonderful presentation here.