Poetry Walk Arrives at the Preserve

We have poetry for everyone on our beautiful new Storywalk® at the Preserve! Each storyboard has poems for children and adults, although many enjoy both. The children’s offerings delight with wonderful wordplay, raucous rhythm, artful alliteration, and illustrations to activate the imagination. Adult poems are a mix of old and new poetry, including some with a Maine connection.

Each storyboard includes a prompt for children to engage their senses with what’s around them and get them thinking about the poem. Toward the end, we challenge them to memorize a short poem and to write one of their own. Pencils and paper are available in the map box on the Ecology Center kiosk.

So many people contributed to this project! It was the brainchild of retired educator Lisa Durrell, who found the children’s poems and created the prompts. CREA Board and committee members recommended the adult poems. Our own Camp Director, Jenny Mueller, applied her graphic design talents to make the pages visually appealing.

And none of this would have been possible without the efforts of Ron Strand, who makes pretty much everything happen at the Ecology Center. Many thanks also to the storyboard construction crew comprised of Paul Wilson, Dick Thomas, Bob Perry, Ron Strand, Jan Smith, and Lane Soltesz.

Joann Strand prepped the storyboards with velcro. Ann Gardner and Lisa Durrell velcro’ed and installed the pages onto the storyboards. (We have learned to use ‘industrial strength’ velcro to stand up to the ferocious winds we’ve been having.) And heartfelt thanks to Lowes, which made this all possible with its generous donation of everything needed to build the storyboards. It takes a village to put these projects together, and we are SO grateful to all for their contributions!

You can find information about the location and current content of our two Storywalks® here.