Wildlands_Barry Logan

Plant Physiologist, Barry Logan: The Wildlands of Monhegan Island

Science, Art and History Informing Each Other Through Dynamic Decades of Deforestation, Recovery and Resilience.

On Monhegan Island, artistic luminaries such as Rockwell Kent captured sapling trees experiencing decline in our day, via a causal chain of events we have begun to unravel. Bowdoin Biology Professor Barry Logan shared milestone events in the ecology of Monhegan Island wildlands along with artistic representations down through the ages during his virtual presentation on Tuesday, September 20, 2020. He shared his optimism and awe over the dynamic and resilient forests we live in and around, and his collaborative efforts to support them. 

To view the recording of The Wildlands of Monhegan presentation CLICK HERE.

Professor Barry Logan has been a member of the Bowdoin faculty for more than 20 years. He was trained at the University of Colorado in Boulder (PhD) and Cornell University (BA). In addition to studying dwarf mistletoe and its effects on coastal spruce, he partners with remote sensors and ecologists across North America to explore the ways in which satellite imagery might be used to understand the seasonality of conifer forests and the effects of global change.

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