Nat Wheelwright’s Therapy in the Time of Coronavirus

Bowdoin College Professor of Biology Emeritus Nat Wheelwright has some ideas on how to occupy yourself as you shelter at home. And it’s not what you might think from this photo! Check out his delightful short video – a little over two minutes and well worth the watch! You might see some moments that resonate with your activities in recent weeks…

After you’ve seen his most recent video, check out the whole series – Nature Moments. It’s a series of short videos designed to showcase the natural history of common plants and animals and all are only two minutes long. They’re a little addictive, especially on a rainy day when you’re stuck indoors.

If you live in eastern North America, you’ll be able to find almost all the species featured in the videos. The videos were filmed as the seasons changed in his backyard in Brunswick, Maine, so they are truly local! And many of the videos were filmed by Brunswick native and Bowdoin graduate Wilder Nicholson. Enjoy!