Mt. Ararat Student Presentations of 2021 Preserve Field Research

On March 10, 2022, Mt. Ararat Honors Biology students presented the results of eight weeks of research conducted at the Preserve in the fall of 2021. Research covered the following topics (click on the topic to view the poster):

CREA and the students are grateful to the mentors who guided the students in this work:

  • Fred Cichocki – ecological diversity of the Heath
  • Scott Libby & Battelle – water level and water quality of the Cathance River
  • David Reed – invertebrate diversity as a measure of water quality
  • Shane Duigan & Kevin Doran – inventorying forest growth
  • Meg Holland – bird diversity in different ecosystems
  • Adam Gravel & Stantec – mammal survey

And huge appreciation to teacher Glenn Evans, who teaches the class and makes this program and research possible.

You can watch the student presentations below.