Wild Wonders Weather Watch: Weather Journal


Before You Explore:

What is the weather today? What tools can you use to tell the weather?

Learn how you can easily become a Weather Watcher: http://bit.ly/weather_watcher

Connect with Nature:

  • Grab your thermometer, laminated weather journal sheet, and dry erase marker and head outside!
  • Using the weather tools you created in this kit (wind vane, rain gauge, anemometer) and your thermometer, try to complete all of the areas on your weather journal for today!
  • Do you think you could record the weather for a week? Or a month?
  • If you’re up for the challenge grab the blank March calendar within your kit and some drawing materials.
  • Follow the calendar directions to create your own “key” on the right-hand side. A ‘key’ lets you use short symbols to communicate by explaining what each symbol means.
  • Once your key is created, use your weather journal sheet and calendar to record the weather for a week or an entire month!
  • Review your recordings.
  • Do you see any patterns in the weather calendar? What weather did you not expect to see this week? What was the most common weather symbol you drew this month?
  • Can you predict the weather that might be coming in the week ahead?

Dive Deeper!

Check out one or all of these awesome weather picture books from your local library: https://www.weareteachers.com/best-weather-books-for-kids/

Listen in for a Read Aloud of “The Meteorologist In Me” by Brittany Shipp: http://bit.ly/meteorologistinme