Wild Wonders: Grow From Seed

Grow from Seed

Where do plants come from? Plants come from seeds. Each seed contains a tiny plant waiting for the right conditions to germinate, or start to grow! But, what do seeds need to grow?


  • Toilet paper or paper towel tube
  • Seeds – grab a dried bean from your kitchen pantry!
  • Dirt
  • Bowl or cup

Start planting:

  • Get your hands dirty! Start by heading out into your garden, local field, or backyard to collect some dirt. Collect it in a bowl or cup for later.
  • Take one toilet paper tube and cut it in ½.
  • At the end of each tube, cut 4, ½ inch cuts straight up evenly spaced around the tube.
  • Fold the first section in, then continue until each section is folded onto each other, like folding in the top of a box so it locks. (picture)
  • Now fill the tubes to the top with your dirt.
  • Make a little hole in the dirt, and place your seed ¼ inch below the surface, covering with dirt.
  • Water, and place in a sunny spot in your home. Check your seed daily for changes and only water if dirt seems dry.
  • Your seed should germinate within 3-7 days!

Seed Challenge:

  • Start a seed journal, track your seeds progress with drawings or notes.
  • Label the parts of your plant: Root, leaf, stem, fruit pod, flower 

Hunt for another seed in your garden, kitchen or local field and try planting it!