Wild Wonders Celebrating Earth Day: Spring Scavenger Hunt


Before You Explore:

What changes have you see happening in nature as the days get warmer? Can you find a sign of spring in a tree, on the ground or in the air? Can you hear signs of spring?

Things are waking up after sleeping all winter or flying back to Maine. Chipmunks, birds and frogs have been gone all winter and now they’re back! Look and listen for them…

Connect with Nature:

  • Gather your Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt sheet and a pencil or pen.
  • Head outdoors to your back yard or a local field, trail or park.
  • Look closely for signs of spring popping up around you, look high and low!
  • Each time to spot a sign of spring listed on your sheet place a X in the box by the item.
  • Can you find all of them?
  • Can you see, hear or feel any others that we didn’t include?

Dive Deeper!

One very unique spring creature is the Mourning Cloak butterfly. This butterfly overwinters in Maine as an adult, surviving the winter in logs and leaves on the ground. It can even survive temperatures as low as -10 degrees! This is one of the first butterflies that you can see in March and April. It has another secret though… discover more here: bit.ly/MourningCloak     

Dive deeper into the Science of Spring with this fun 15 min. video! http://bit.ly/SciofSpring21