Wild Wonders: Celebrate Earth Day – Clean Up Challenge!


Before You Explore:

Why should we pick up trash we see in nature? Won’t it just go away? 79% of all the plastic ever created is in nature or a landfill! Visit https://cleanup.earthday.org/ to learn more about The Great Global Cleanup this April and how you can reduce your waste to help our environment stay healthy.

Connect with Nature:

  • Gather your materials and a team (friends and family welcome)!
  • Talk with a grownup about a good location for your Clean Up Challenge. A local park, quiet street, playground, beach or trail could all be perfect – unfortunately garbage is everywhere.
  • Make a prediction: what item do you think you’ll find the most of? Why?
  • Put on your gloves and start collecting trash.
  • For each item that you find, make a mark on the Earth Day Litter Clean Up sheet in the correct category.
  • When you are done collecting, take a picture of yourself with your collection and a picture of your Clean Up sheet. Have an adult email both to to be entered to win fun prizes to thank you for contributing to the Great Global Cleanup!

Dive Deeper!

Wait! Before you email us, include some fun facts about your garbage collection:

  • Weigh your garbage (record this on your sheet), tell us how many bags you filled, and share the most unusual item you found.
  • How did you feel after collecting your garbage?

Did you know that if you collect bottles and cans in Maine, you can redeem them for $.05 each? If you collect 100 cans, that’s $5.00!

What is Zero Waste? Lean how to reduce and eliminate your waste now with this handy workbook created by Kathryn Kellogg of goingzerowaste.com –  Zero Waste Challenge for Kids