Wild Wonders: Celebrate Earth Day – Clean Up Challenge!


Before You Explore:

Why should we pick up trash we see in nature? Won’t it just go away? 79% of all the plastic ever created is in nature or a landfill! Visit https://cleanup.earthday.org/ to learn more about The Great Global Cleanup this April and how you can reduce your waste to help our environment stay healthy.

Connect with Nature:

Dive Deeper!

Wait! Before you email us, include some fun facts about your garbage collection:

  • Weigh your garbage (record this on your sheet), tell us how many bags you filled, and share the most unusual item you found.
  • How did you feel after collecting your garbage?

Did you know that if you collect bottles and cans in Maine, you can redeem them for $.05 each? If you collect 100 cans, that’s $5.00!

What is Zero Waste? Lean how to reduce and eliminate your waste now with this handy workbook created by Kathryn Kellogg of goingzerowaste.com –  Zero Waste Challenge for Kids