Wild Wonders: Fall Mandalas

“Mandala” is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle.’ A mandala is a circular design that begins in the center and spreads out in a repeating pattern. EVERYONE can make mandalas – no special skills or materials required. Mandala-making is a wonderful outdoor activity that can serve as a meditation for adults and simply a delight for children.

Make one in your backyard, in a neighborhood park, on your favorite trail, or wherever you like to get outside – beach, forest, meadow, anywhere! All you need is a bag or basket in which to gather materials, and a flat spot for your canvas. Our favorite mandalas are those you leave as a delightful surprise – and possible inspiration – for the next visitor to that spot. We all benefit from a little nature-based creativity. Take a picture of your creation, or draw it in your nature journal.

You can print out these directions as guidance. For a deeper dive into nature-based creativity, check out the incredible nature art of Andy Goldsworthy.