Wild Wonders

CREA and Brunswick Topsham Land Trust collaborated to bring Wild Wonder kits to children in our community during the 20/21 school year. The kits, distributed through Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program and local libraries, contained all the materials a child needed to enjoy these nature-based activities on days away from school. Activities can be adapted for children ages 3-14.

We are no longer distributing kits, but have posted the activities on our website, along with a list of needed supplies, to enable more youth in our community to connect with nature!

Most Wild Wonders activities require just a few simple materials that can be easily found at home and in nature, and are appropriate for all ages. Enjoy!

If you love these activities, we hope you’ll consider becoming a CREA member and support these types of outdoor discovery activities!

Wild Wonders Earth Day: Bud Buddy – Observing Nature – Tag a bud and observe how to changes daily this spring.

Wild Wonders Earth Day: Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt – Can you find all of the first signs of spring?

Wild Wonders Earth Day: Earth Day BINGO – Gather friends and family for a fun BINGO game & Earth Day discussion

Wild Wonders Earth Day: Conserving Energy –  Make easy light switch reminders for family & friends!

Wild Wonders Earth Day: Grow a Plant You Can Eat! – Spring planting with DIY decomposing pots

Wild Wonders Earth Day: Clean Up Challenge! – Create a Clean Team and pick up your neck of the woods this Earth Day

Wild Wonders Weather Watch: Spring Equinox Sundial – Discover how to record the passing of time by using the sun! 

Wild Wonders Weather Watch: Anemometer – Build your own tool and learn how to measure the speed of the wind.

Wild Wonders Weather Watch: Weather Station – Rain Gauge – Build your own meteorological instrument!

Wild Wonders Weather Watch: Cloud Window – Learn about the differences between clouds and what names they hold.

Wild Wonders Weather Watch: Weather Journal – Learn how to easily become a weather watcher! 

Wild Wonders Weather Watch: Weather Station – Wind Vane – Build your own wind-vane to start a personal weather station

Wild Wonders Snow Science: Where Does It Melt First? – Investigate melting snow and make snow art!

Wild Wonders Snow Science: How Clean is Snow? – Investigate whether snow is as clean as it looks!

Wild Wonders Snow Science: Melting Snow & Snow Stick Craft – Make a Snow Stick and become a the family meteorologist!

Wild Wonders Snow Science: Snowflake Catcher – Make a snowflake catcher and go catch snowflakes!

Wild Wonders Snow Science: Winter Warmth – Make a den for your ‘polar bear’ and see if it keeps your bear warm!

Wild Wonders: Tracks and Traces – Learn to decipher the clues animals leave, telling us they’ve passed by. And make your own animal tracks!

Wild Wonders: Celebrating the Winter Solstice – Create an ice lantern to welcome the light and make frozen bubbles!

Wild Wonders: Winter Growing – Paperwhite Planting – See what you can grow … even in winter!

Wild Wonders: Adapting to Winter – Play Animal Adaptation Olympics and learn how and why squirrels hide all those nuts!

Wild Wonders: Native American Heritage Month – Learn about the Wabanaki people and make your own birch bark map.  

Wild Wonders: Native American Heritage Month – Create your own dream catcher.

Wild Wonders: Amazing Birds – Create your own binoculars, construct your own and dissect a birds nest.

Wild Wonders: Seed Science – Make a seed collection bracelet and dissect seeds to discover what is inside. 

Wild Wonders: Gourd Guts – Decomposition – Watch how a gourd rots and search for decomposers.

Wild Wonders: Feeding Our Feathered Friends – Make bird snack garland and a biodegradable orange bird feeder.

Wild Wonders: Autumn Leaves – Collect fall leaves to make a leaf person and leaf rubbings; go on a botany scavenger hunt.

Wild Wonders: Exploring the Seasons – Make a leaf suncatcher;  make a phenology wheel to track seasonal changes.

Wild Wonders: Nature Journal – Make a nature journal and record what you see outside.

Wild Wonders: Rainbow Hike – Head outside with an array of colors to match in nature.

Wild Wonders: Fall Mandalas – Make a beautiful design outside and leave for others to enjoy.

Wild Wonders: Grow from Seed – Grow a plant anytime indoors from seed, watch it change and develop.

Wild Wonders: Survival Bracelet – You never know what you might need to survive in the wild.

Wild Wonders: Dragonfly Nature Craft – Create a beautiful dragonfly out of maple seeds. 

Wild Wonders: Twirling Stick Mobile – Turn a simple stick collection into exquisite art.

Wild Wonders: Hapa Zome Eco Printing – Turn colorful flowers into fun eco-printing with flower pounding.