CREA Nature Investigators (CNI)

CREA’s 2020 summer interns, Alex and Lily, created a virtual summer camp package, called CREA Nature Investigators (CNI).

Below you will find fun outdoor activities that you can do with your younger child(ren), or that older children can do on their own. CNI activities are geared towards grades 1 – 5, but can be adapted for any age (even adults!). 

Each link below takes you to a short description of the activity, a link to a short video featuring Alex and Lily as they showcase the activity, and a short written description of the activity and any supplies needed. 

This is a great way to get your children outside, exploring and learning about the wonders of nature!

CNI #1: Start a Rock Collection – Alex and Lily launch our CREA Nature Investigators series, showing how to start a rock collection.

CNI #2: Make a Sundial – Join Lily and Alex as they use the power of the sun to tell the time!

CNI #3: Start a Weather Journal – Lily and Alex make a rain gauge to track how much rain falls in their weather journal!

CNI #4: Does It Float? – Lily and Alex test whether objects they find in nature will float or sink!

CNI #5: What’s in Dirt? – Explore the wonders of dirt – the soil beneath our feet – with Alex and Lily.

CNI #6: Make a Nature Mask – Alex shows Lily how to make a nature mask to practice their camouflage skills!

CNI #7: Find a Tree Friend – Make a Tree Friend and unlock its mysteries over the coming year.

CNI #8: Leaf Identification – Check out Lily and Alex’s adventure as they try to identify leaves they find around the preserve!

CNI #9: Use a Naturalist’s Eye – Lily and Alex teach how to develop your powers of observation to become a better naturalist!

CNI #10: Make a Boat – Alex and Lily design boats from materials they find outdoors (and indoors).

CNI #11: Humans on the Preserve – Become a detective and hunt for traces of humans on the landscape – past and present.

CNI #12: Fairy Houses – Join Alex and Lily as they explore the woods and make fairy houses.

CNI #13: Paper Butterflies – Make beautiful butterflies out of paper with Alex and Lily!

CNI #14: Make a Bird’s Nest – Can you make a bird’s nest as strong as one a bird makes?

CNI #15: Map Making – Learn how to make a map of your favorite place!