Learning Is for the Birds: Bird Banding, Data, and Observations from BRI’s River Point

On March 23, 2021, Patrick Keenan of the Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI) gave a presentation about BRI’s work in Maine, focusing on its River Point Bird Observatory. He gave a brief overview of BRI and some context about birds. 

They have encountered 113 species of birds in their nets at River Point. Patrick noted some of the information that is accessible only by catching and banding birds, such as age, molting changes, size, differences between individuals, breeding condition, amount of fat, and the incidence of attached ticks.

He encouraged people to access their River Point Data Explorer which allows users to track bird migration. He shared fantastic photos of some of the birds they have captured and banded. If you watch his presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to do some bird identification (if you pause the video before the answer is revealed).

It was a lively session with an active Q&A at the end. Note that we had a technology snafu around minute eight  but it gets resolved. Feel free to fast forward to minute ten when you get there. Enjoy Pat’s enthusiasm for the work and his beautiful photos and videos of birds being released.