Getting  Your Family Outside This Winter – Tips and Tricks

Getting outside is essential, especially now! As was famously said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

A recent New York Times article gives terrific tips on how to make outdoor time in winter successful. If you don’t want to read the whole story, here are key tips:

  • Layer clothing to trap body heat
  • Make sure hands, head, heart, and feet are covered
  • Use waterproof insulated boots or rubber boots with thick fleece or wool socks (no cotton!)
  • Pack extra socks for children
  • If little hands get cold, warm them up on Mom or Dad’s tummy
  • Use mittens, not gloves, with a waterproof outer layer
  • Seal the gaps (with gaiters, bib snow pants, gauntlet-style mittens)
  • Counter unhappiness with distraction – keep them moving (and warm) with games (Red Light Green Light, tag, scavenger hunt) 
  • Eat outdoors around a campfire or camp stove for a fun change
  • Brings snacks that don’t freeze (fig bars, trail mix) and a thermos of hot cocoa or tea
  • Let your children bring a stuffed animal friend outside, zipped into their coat
 Taking children outdoors to ‘brave the elements’ builds confidence in their ability to handle different situations. Start with short outings and build up to longer ones. This year, make some cold weather memories of rosy cheeks, winter games and snow forts, snacks in the snow, and the great night of sleep that follows!