CREA Welcomes New Board Member

Andrea worked for many years with land trusts and other conservation-based nonprofits after earning advanced degrees in environmental management and plant ecology. She has been most involved with land stewardship and connecting landowners and communities with nature.

Some of her favorite projects over the years have included monitoring rare plants in the Highlands of New Jersey, guiding municipal staff in managing the natural features and visitor use of local parks, coordinating the training of Master Naturalists, working with volunteers to manage invasive plants, designing and building trails, and coordinating new community programs at the Cathance River Preserve.

She was a staff member at CREA from 2016 until 2018, first assisting with development and then branching out to help with administrative and programming needs. She lives in North Yarmouth with her family, enjoys morning bike rides on the back roads, and plays the flute in a regional wind symphony.