CNI #7: Finding a Tree Friend

Welcome back Nature Investigators! Join us today as we introduce you to our tree friends. Tree friends are special tree buddies that you get to know over the course of the year. Trees are full of mysteries that YOU can uncover! We want to know what you learn from your tree friend!

Watch this video of Alex and Lily’s trees investigation, then follow the more detailed instructions.

If you’re curious, read more about the wonder of trees in these cool books:

     The Magic and Mystery of Trees  by Jen Green

     The Tree Lady: The True Story of How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever   by H. Joseph Hopkins

     Can you Hear the Trees Talking?   by Peter Wohlleben [for a 7+ audience]

To learn more about the woods in your neighborhood and to help identify your tree, visit the Maine Foliage site:

We can learn a lot from our leafy neighbors by taking the time to slow down and look up!

Happy Tree investigating!

Lily and Alex