CNI #6: Make a Nature Mask!

Hello Nature Investigators! Today we are back with a super fun nature craft activity. Alex learns that by wearing a mask made of found natural material, he is able to camouflage in the forest – much to Lily’s surprise!

Watch this video to follow us in our mask making journey or read the step-by-step written instructions here!

If you want to learn more about camouflage, check out these books:

  • Hide-And-Seek Science: Animal Camouflage by Emma Stevenson
  • How to Hide an Octopus and Other Sea Creatures by Ruth Heller

There are also some really cool pictures of animals hiding in plain sight that you can find here. Can you think of animals that are really good at not being seen? What bugs and animals can you find outside that are using camouflage to hide themselves? Think about why they are hiding? Who are they hiding from, and why???

You and your friends can practice camouflaging by playing hide and go seek in the yard. Another fun game – called Camouflage – challenges you to hide in plain sight. Learn how to play here!

Happy material gathering, mask designing, and camouflaging!

– Alex and Lily