CNI #3: Start a Weather Journal!

Hello everyone! The CREA Nature Investigators are back with another fun activity for you to do at home! Today, we noticed a few clouds on the horizon and worried that it may rain. Alex was planning on going outside, but Lily offered another fun activity that anyone can do, especially when it is raining!

We started a weather journal, where we’re recording all the weather happening outside. Our journal has drawings and other information about what the weather is like on every day we make an entry! We also made a rain gauge, a simple device used to measure how much rain falls during a storm. To learn how to get started with your own rain gauge and weather journal, watch this video! As always, we also have a written description here for you to print out as a reference. 

If you have questions or want to explore the topic of weather more, here are some additional resources to check out:

  • Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco, a children’s book with great descriptions of weather and a fun recipe to try.
  • Come on, Rain!  by Karen Hesse, a story of a girl waiting for rain.
  • The EVERYTHING Kid’s Weather Book by Joseph Snedeker, a great book describing the science of weather and other fun activities.

Also, if you want ideas for outdoor activities during or after a rainstorm, take a look at our Post-Rainy Day activity and our Rainy Day activity! There’s no better place to play with water than outdoors on a warm rainy day.

Thank you for joining us as we explore the weather and find ways to have fun in the rain!

– Alex and Lily