CNI #14: Bird Nest Making

Welcome back Nature Investigators! Today Lily and Alex are curious about how bird nests can be strong enough to withstand storms in the tops of trees. They decide to investigate by making their very own nests. Birds build nests out of many different kinds of materials and different types of birds use different nest building techniques. While nests come in all different shapes and sizes, they all serve a very important purpose — to protect the precious eggs. Join Lily and Alex and see if you can build a sturdy nest in your own backyard. Watch Alex and Lily build their nests and then read the detailed instructions.

Here are some great books about nesting birds:

“Mama Built a Little Nest” Jennifer Ward and Steve Jenkins 

“Bird Builds a Nest” Martin Jenkins and Richard Jones

“Cradles in the Tree: The Story of Bird Nests” Patricia Brennan Demuth

To see a really cool video of a bird nest being dissected watch Nat Wheelwright’s “Nature Moments: How to Build a Bird’s Nest.” 

For Parents: 

Here is a link to Maine Audubon resources for fun bird related activities for kids of all ages. 

Happy nest building!

      – Alex and Lily 

Pine Needle and Wood Shaving Nest