Celebrate Earth Day and Lend a Hand to Mother Earth

As spring unfurls, bringing warmer temperatures, we can all pitch in to do a little ‘maintenance’ on Mother Earth. April is a great time to pick up trash! Since most vegetation hasn’t yet leafed out, it’s easy to spot and easy to pick up. April 22 is Earth Day, and what better day to take an hour or two removing things from the landscape that don’t belong?

Turn this into a social event! We know of a woman in Maine who spends a few hours every Tuesday evening in April picking up trash. She invites friends to join her and catches up with them as they all do good for the earth, its creatures, and the community.

We’ve learned a lot about the harm that microplastics (the tiny particles that our plastic cups and bags break down into) cause when animals consume them, so let’s get them out of the landscape and into trash bags.

Our April Wild Wonders kits contain this activity for the youngsters. The kits include nitrile gloves, a trash bag, and a trash collection worksheet which they use to track the types of garbage they collect. We ask them to predict what they’ll find the most of. What would you say?

Let’s model this activity for the youngsters! If you want to conduct your own trash collection research, or have a youngster in your life you’d like to do this with, you can access the Celebrate Earth Day – Wild Wonders: Clean Up Challenge! activity.

We’ll be picking up trash around our office space and in adjacent woods.  Join us, and celebrate Earth Day by beautifying your neighborhood, a local park, or roadside. Let’s keep the natural world pristine – as it deserves to be.