Photographing Dragonflies with David Reed

Dragonflies and the like, known to the science community as the order Odonata, are some of the most beautiful insects known to humans. These magnificent creatures are challenging to capture in a photo, but photographer David Reed has tips to help you get the perfect shot of our six-legged friends!

David has shared his deep knowledge of the invertebrate world on many nature walks at the Preserve, such as An Evening with Moths last summer. He also mentors the invertebrates group of Mt. Ararat’s high school field researchers in the fall most years. Since in-person walks are temporarily on hold, David has generously prepared a beautifully illustrated document to help you capture these creatures on camera.

His article, which you can find here, includes where to find dragonflies and damselflies around the Cathance River Nature Preserve, what equipment to use to photograph them, and strategies he uses to take the perfect photo. He has been photographing terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates on the preserve for several years and offers great tips.

Even if you’re not a photographer, it’s worth visiting this article to see the incredible artistry of these creatures – thanks to David’s zoom lenses.  You can check out David’s other work with CREA and at other preserves on his website here!