2020 Mt. Ararat Student Research Enriches Understanding of the Preserve

This fall, every Thursday at 9:05 am, high school students spilled out of the school bus, rushed to the Ecology Center to gather equipment, put on boots/waders as needed, and headed to research sites to gather data. With only an hour and a half each week to collect their data, this is no small feat!

Working in seven small groups, Glenn Evans’ Honors Biology students from Mt Ararat High School formulated research questions on a range of topics and collected data for eight weeks. 

Projects included heath ecology, Cathance River water quality, invertebrate diversity in the Cathance River, cattail dieback in the fishless pond, large mammals, and dragon/damsel flies.

In addition to the guidance of their teacher, projects were mentored by local specialists, including Fred Cichocki of Chewonki, Kelly Waddle and Steve Pelletier of Stantec, David Reed, Scott Libby of Battelle, Dave Courtemanch and Molly Payne Wynne of The Nature Conservancy, and Liz Hertz.

Students are analyzing the data and will organize their findings into posters that will be presented on January 28, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the Topsham Public Library. Join us to hear their findings and to support the spirit of science inquiry in the next generation.

Their findings will enrich our understanding of the precious natural resources in our community and will be added to a growing database of biological and environmental information about the Preserve.